About Dandan Shan (单丹丹)

I am a first year PhD student in Computer Science and Engineering, University of Michigan, working with Prof. David Fouhey on Computer Vision.
Previously, I received my MSE in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and B.E. in Software Engineering from Soochow University.

[2020.04] I will join UMich CS as a PhD student in Fall 2020.
[2020.02] One paper accepted at CVPR2020.

Email: dandans at umich dot edu      Github / Google Scholor / CV / LinkedIn / Twitter / Ins

Research Interests

  • Hand interaction with the world
  • Video understanding, 3D understanding
  • Intelligent vision systems: interpret scenes to improve interaction with real world
  • Grasp, manipulation


Understanding Human Hands in Contact at Internet Scale
Dandan Shan, Jiaqi Geng*, Michelle Shu*, David Fouhey
CVPR2020 (Oral)
[ project&dataset webpage ] [Paper ] [ Video ]

Work Experience

CSE Department, University of Michigan
Graduate Student Research Assistant, Jan 2019 - Present
Advisor: Prof. David Fouhey
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CalmCar Vehicle Vision System Co.
System Development Intern, Sep 2017 - April 2018
Mentor: Shiqing Cheng
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UMich Computer Vision Website
Website Designer and Maintainer, Sep 2019 - Present
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TEDxSuzhou Website
Wesite Maintainer, Sep 2017 - Dec 2017
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